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Tips To Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

Updated: May 29, 2019

As exciting as it is to push all of our winter clothes to the back of the closet, it can also be a little sad. After all, many of us logged our fair share of hours assembling the perfect wardrobe for the sleet, snow, and freezing temperatures. While it's a relief to finally hang up that thick winter coat, you don't have to shove your entire winter wardrobe into fabric storage bins just yet. There's still plenty of time to put some of those clothes to use in the temperamental spring season. Find out which clothes you should keep around, which clothes you can pack away, and get ideas for filling out your new wardrobe for the warmer months with these fresh winter-to-spring transition tips.

1. Bulk to the Back

The first thing on every transition plan should be to pack and hang up all the bulky winter coats, thick wool hats, and scarves. Since you probably won't be touching these clothes for six to eight months, knowing how to store your winter clothes becomes even more important. Attention to detail when packing will make your life easier when summer ends and the cold starts to creep back in.

2. Make the Trade

In the early spring, it can be tempting to cling to some of our winter clothes because the weather isn't quite warm enough. If you know the right winter-to-spring substitutes, you can still get the same cold-weather protection while updating your look and packing away what you won't need earlier. For example, you can trade a knit sweater or turtleneck for a sweater wrap or light duster.

3. Spring Deception

The main reason we're slow to store away our winter apparel is because spring weather can still be pretty cold. A week of warmer weather is deceiving in the early spring, and it is often followed by a few more weeks of winter. Keep a few of your favorite cold-weather accessories around just in case the cold returns, such as a favorite scarf, pair of gloves, a knit cap, or a warm pair of socks.

4. Comforts of Home

Spring and fall are some of the best seasons of the year to save on energy costs. Warmer weather means turning down the heat. As our bodies adjust to warmer temperatures, what seems like a cold day in summer feels like a warm day in spring, especially after a freezing cold winter. If you turn off the heat, keep those winter clothes and warmer pajamas within reach throughout the spring.

5. Rain, Rain, Go Away

Spring is the season of rain, puddles, and slippery paths. It's time to double check the quality of your umbrella and maybe even have a poncho handy for unpredictable weather. Just remember to invest in a larger tote for spring. If you're trying to save, skip that new pair of rain boots and keep using your winter boots to slosh through spring puddles or get traction on wet walkways.

6. Save Your Faves

If you absolutely love one of your winter outfits, don't be afraid to keep it in your closet for spring. There's bound to be another occasion to wear the outfit you put together for that holiday party. Better yet, some winter tops, cardigans and dresses can be refreshed with new spring apparel. Mixing separates from winter and spring is a fun way to create an original look while saving cash.

7. Neutrals Are Your Friend

The spring season, especially the earlier months, can be difficult to figure out in terms of what colors you choose to wear. Just like you don't have to jump right into wearing bold colors for the spring season, you don't have to completely shun winter neutrals. In fact, neutrals are trending more and more every spring, especially when paired with spring patterns, cuts, and accessories.

8. Fashion Show Takeaways

Fashion trends usually follow whatever's featured on the runway a few months before, but most people find it difficult to translate those over-the-top outfits into everyday wardrobes. One place to start is to get a feel for the newest spring fashions and colors. Or, pay less attention to the actual outfit you see on the runway and try to take away the broader ideas that each outfit represents.

9. Spring into Summer

If you want to get away from winter as quickly as you can with your spring wardrobe, remember that summer is right around the corner as well. Pretty soon you'll have to start thinking about how to transition your spring wardrobe to summer. Why not get ahead of the game by jumping right into your favorite summer styles with new smocked-waist, swing, and sleeveless dresses?

10. Enjoy the Sunshine

The best thing about spring is the warmth of the sun as it thaws the earth and melts a few layers off our everyday ensembles. While you finally get to wear clothes that allow you to feel the sun on your skin, losing layers makes it more important to have a large tote or purse to carry all your warm-weather essentials, accessories and rainy-day gear. Luckily, large bags are in style this year.

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