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Organizing Beauty Accessories

Updated: May 29, 2019

Keeping yourself in style, up to date and looking great isn't always easy, but making your daily routine manageable is a simple matter of staying organized. The following are a few ideas to help you organize your beauty accessories and eliminate some of the stress that accompanies your quest to look your best.

Cases And Categories

One of the best ways to get organized is by arranging your beauty accessories in a way that matches to your preferences or routine. Separating items based on function is a nice way to stay neat, as long as you always remember to return things to their proper place. Sorting based on the products you use the most can also help you grab your go-to items quickly. Try a stylish planter or vase with beans, bath crystals, pebbles, or another filler as a holder for your makeup brushes and more.

Decluttering Countertops

At the end of the week, your countertop can be a complete mess. Most of the time, cleaning up is as easy as returning everything to its proper place. Yet, after awhile, most of these items end up in plain sight, pushed into a corner or clumped near the sink. These are the things you find yourself using the most, the things to which you need quick, easy access. Disguise the chaos by containing these everyday items in bins or trays that complement the room's decor. A decorative storage box on a bathroom shelf adds out-of-sight storage while offering a fun pattern or color to the room.

Hooks And Hangers

The surface behind your bathroom door or cabinets isn't just a place to hang a bath towel. Vertical space is great for attaching wall hooks, over-the-door hangers and more that will offer neat, designated spots to keep your beauty accessories organized while saving space and preventing clutter. You can even tape a magnetic strip to the inside of your cabinet as a clever way to hold metal accessories, like bobby pins.

Perfectly Repurposed

A number of items ideal for storing beauty accessories were never intended to do so. Before tossing something out in the kitchen or living room, think about if it could work as a container for your accessories. Mason jars, baskets and candleholders are perfect for organizing your countertop, while kitchen accessories like spice racks and dessert trays can give you multi-tier storage that also adds easy access.

On-The-Go Organization

It's always good to have a compact version of your go-to beauty kit on you at all times. When it's necessary to sacrifice functionality for style, you can keep everything you need for a quick touch-up in a smaller case like a coin purse. Creating a small kit and keeping it stocked with your favorite essentials is great for when you have to run out quickly, even for everyday occasions at work or a night out.

Keeping your beauty accessories organized starts with figuring out how best to complement your routine and your overall space. Sparkly Expressions has a variety of beauty, bathroom and storage options to organize all your accessories, from purses and totes for when you're on the go to countertop dispensers and creative decor.

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